Yescka’s artwork is not only seen on urban surfaces and walls, but also galleries, museums and exhibitions all over the world. He has worked in many different countries, such as Mexico, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, USA, Venezuela, Peru and Kuba. For Yescka art is not only a way to raise awareness of current events– societal forces, economic struggles and abuse of power, but also a way to help other people and communities to express themselves by giving workshops and making collective murals. He says, “ the street is the biggest gallery, I can hope for to make art accessable for everybody and bringing together members of community in common cause of affecting change!”.

Yescka started making graffiti when he was 15 years old. Later he went to a college of arts, where he combined fine art with street art.

Within the strong social and political movement in 2006 in Oaxaca, Yescka and some other artists founded a collective called ASARO, short for Asamblea de Artistas revolucionarios de Oaxaca. Espacio Zapata, the gallery of their collectivo, was opened later in 2009 in the center of Oaxaca to exhibit their art and give workshops. Today Yeshka has his own gallery, Studio Siqueros, which is also located in Oaxaca across from Espacio Zapata, named in honor of the radical 20th century Mexican muralist.

One of his most famous pieces of art is “Last Supper a la Mexicana”, which was displayed at the MACO Museum in Oaxaca for quite a while and is still sold on postcards at the museum shop.

He is a versatile artist, who works with different formats including canvas, art installations, sculptures and murals using different techniques, such as stencil, wood cut and graffiti. In his unique ways he is combining the current with the traditional. The spirit of freedom, creative ideas and passion to art is what you find in Yescka´s work, whether it´s hanging in a gallery, museum or somewhere in the streets.